Programming Language Ratings Change Jan 2023 - Jan 2024 Quiz

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What is the purpose of a compiler in computer programming?

To convert the source code into a format that the computer can understand

In computer programming, what is an algorithm?

A set of steps for carrying out a specific task

What is the role of source code in computer programming?

It is the actual text used to write the instructions for a computer program

What is the primary purpose of a computer program?

To execute specific tasks based on instructions

What is the main role of a programming language?

To provide instructions to the computer for task execution

How is the popularity of programming languages determined in the TIOBE Programming Community index?

Using search engine data and the number of skilled engineers worldwide

What is the purpose of a linker in programming?

To convert object code into an executable program

What is the major difference between a constant and a variable?

The value of a constant does not change, while the value of a variable can change

What do conditionals do in programming?

Test expressions and perform certain operations based on whether a condition is true

What is the main purpose of an array in programming?

To contain a list of related values

Test your knowledge on the changes in programming language ratings from January 2023 to January 2024. Explore the shifts in popularity of languages like Python, C, Java, and more.

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