Program and System Design 2023-2024

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What is the purpose of program design techniques despite the reliance on preprogrammed code?

To understand, organize, and piece together preexisting code

What is the main difference between logical and physical data flow diagrams (DFDs)?

Physical DFDs contain additional details describing how the system will be built

Why are program design techniques still important despite the reliance on packaged software or preprogrammed code?

Even preexisting code needs to be understood, organized, and pieced together

What do physical process models created during design show?

Implementation details and how the final system will work

What do logical DFDs lack in comparison to physical DFDs?

They lack indication of how the system will actually be implemented

Test your knowledge on program design techniques and system design principles in the context of project teams' reliance on packaged software and preprogrammed code. Explore the importance of understanding, organizing, and writing original code to support application logic.

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