Product Development Life Cycle: Basics of UX Design Quiz

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During which testing stage is the product evaluated based on the feedback of potential users?

Beta testing

In which stage is the finished version of the product shared with the public?


Which stage involves narrowing the focus based on insights from the brainstorm stage?


Which stage involves an external test with potential users to figure out whether the product provides a good user experience?


What is the first stage of the product development life cycle?


What is the primary focus of a good user experience?

Creating a positive connection between the user and the product

What is a characteristic of an equitable user experience?

Marketability to diverse abilities and backgrounds

What defines a usable user experience?

Clear design structure and purpose understandable by everyone

Test your knowledge of the 5 stages of the product development life cycle in UX design, from brainstorming to testing. Explore the process of generating ideas, defining focus, implementing designs, and evaluating products.

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