Principles of Genetic Transmission in Meiosis

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What is the Law of Dominance according to Mendel?

In a heterozygote, one allele may conceal the presence of another.

Explain the Law of Segregation in terms of Mendel's genetic principles.

In a heterozygote, two different alleles segregate from each other during the formation of gametes.

What is the Law of Independent Assortment proposed by Mendel?

The alleles of different genes segregate independently of each other during gamete formation.

What is an example of a human genetic disorder caused by a recessive lethal allele?


Explain what happens when a person is homozygous for a recessive lethal allele.

Death during embryonic development or the first months of life occurs.

What is the outcome if an allele leads to death of heterozygotes before birth?

It will not be seen in the living human population.

How does a dominant lethal allele affect heterozygotes?

It causes death when present in just a single copy.

Why may we never see certain dominant lethal alleles in the living human population?

Because they cause death of heterozygotes before birth.

What is the potential consequence if a dominant lethal allele allows a person to survive to reproductive age?

It may be passed on to children.

What term did Wilhelm Johannsen coin in 1909 to refer to the factors we now call genes?


What are the dominant and recessive forms of genes called?


In modern terminology, what is the term for strains that carry two identical copies of a gene?

diploid and homozygous

According to Mendel, what happens to the two copies of a gene during the production of gametes?

reduced to one

What is the term used to describe an offspring that inherits two different alleles, one from the mother and one from the father?


What statement about genetic function does the Principle of Dominance propose?

In a heterozygote, one allele may conceal the presence of another.

Learn about the rules of genetic transmission and the behavior of chromosomes during meiosis. Explore how some genes do not follow the Principle of Independent Assortment, as explained by Gregor Mendel.

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