Principles of Anatomy, Physiology and Fitness: Unit Contents

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What is the main function of the hyaline cartilage in the human body?

To form the temporary skeleton of the foetus

Which type of cartilage is found in the ear, the walls of the Eustachian tube, and the epiglottis?

Elastic cartilage

Which bones form the main frame or axis of the skeleton?

Cranium, sternum, and cervical vertebrae

What is the main function of long bones in the human body?

To act as levers

Which classification of bone consists of a main shaft (diaphysis) and usually two extremities (epiphysis)?

Long bones

Which system is responsible for the movement of bones in the body?

The skeletal system

In which section of the unit would you expect to learn about the heart and lungs?

Section 3: Cardiovascular and respiratory systems

Which system deals with the breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients?

The digestive system

Which section of the unit would include information about exercise and physical health?

Section 6: Health and wellbeing

Which system provides the electrical stimulation for muscle contraction?

The neuromuscular system

What is the main function of elastic cartilage in the human body?

To regain and return to its original shape

How does hyaline cartilage differ from elastic cartilage?

It provides temporary support to the skeletal system

What is the role of dense, durable, tough fibrous connective tissue in the skeletal system?

To withstand compression forces in the body

How many types of cartilage are found in the human body?


What forms the temporary skeleton of the foetus before being replaced by bone?

Hyaline cartilage

What is the function of fibrocartilage in the body?

To act as a shock absorber in cartilaginous joints

Which bones are classified as long bones?

Humerus, femur, fibula, tibia, ulna, radius, metacarpals, metatarsals, and phalanges

Where are the epiphyseal plates located in the bone?

Between the diaphysis and epiphysis

What do short bones consist of?

A thin layer of cancellous bone sandwiched between two plate-like layers of compact bone

Where is the articular (hyaline) cartilage located in a long bone?

In the expanded portion located at each end of the bone

Explore the unit contents of Principles of Anatomy, Physiology and Fitness including the skeletal system, neuromuscular system, and cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

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