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Which question word is used with the third person singular in the present simple?


Which auxiliary verb is used for the third person singular in present simple questions?


Which question uses the present simple without 'do' or 'does'?

Who lives in London?

Study Notes

  • The present simple is a verb tense used for actions that happen regularly or currently.
  • In the present simple, the base form of a verb is used for first and second person singular and plural.
  • For third person singular (she, he, it), the verb is conjugated by adding an –s or –es.
  • Questions in the present simple are formed using "do" and "does" and question words like "where," "what," and "when."
  • Do is used for first and second person singular and plural, and does is used for third person singular.
  • Questions with who often do not use do or does.
  • Useful questions include "Where do you come from?," "Do you come from ...?," "Where do you live?," "Do you live in...?," "What work do you do?," "Do you like ...?," and "Do you know ...".

Test your knowledge of present simple tense questions with this beginner-level quiz. Learn how to form questions in the present simple and practice using do and does with different subjects.

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