PRELIM - Lesson 1: Evolution of Art

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What is a characteristic of Modern Art?

Experimentation and breaking artistic conventions

Which style of art focuses on personal expression and challenging traditions?


Who is known for their drip paintings in the realm of Modern Art?


Which art movement emphasizes openness, diverse mediums, and social/political commentary?

Contemporary Art

Who created the painting 'Les Demoiselles d'Avignon' that is associated with Modern Art?


What is a common feature of Contemporary Art?

Challenging definitions of art itself

During which period in art history was there a revival of classical ideals and a focus on human potential and naturalism?


In which art historical period would you expect to see paintings with drama, emotion, grandeur, and both religious and secular themes?

Baroque and Rococo

Which period of art history is characterized by symbolic representation, ritual connection with nature, and emphasis on animals and human figures?

Prehistoric Period

Which art historical period is known for its appropriate colors, symbolism, expressive figures, and Gothic architecture with soaring arches and stained glass?

Medieval Period

Which artistic era is associated with paintings that exhibit individualism, imagination, emotion, and explore nature and the sublime?


Which period in art history is characterized by monumentality, religious themes, display of power, and detailed idealized forms?

Ancient Period

Explore the evolution of art starting from the Prehistoric Period with symbolic representations and survival concerns, to the Ancient Period focusing on monumentality and religious themes. Learn about different styles, materials used, and notable examples such as the Cave paintings of Lascaux and Greek temples.

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