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What are the different forms of power sharing?

Horizontal and vertical power sharing

What is the significance of power sharing in a democratic country?

It ensures stability and inclusivity

In which country does the example of Belgium illustrate the accommodation of regional diversity through power sharing?


Study Notes

Forms of Power Sharing

  • Horizontal power sharing: Division of power among different branches of government, such as legislative, executive, and judiciary
  • Vertical power sharing: Division of power among different levels of government, such as central, state, and local governments

Significance of Power Sharing

  • Promotes unity and integrity of a country by accommodating diverse groups and interests
  • Helps to reduce conflict between different groups and regions
  • Increases the stability of a democratic country

Belgium: An Example of Power Sharing

  • Belgium illustrates power sharing by accommodating its regional diversity
  • The country has a federal system with three regions: Flanders, Wallonia, and Brussels
  • Each region has its own government, and power is shared among the regions and the central government

Explore the concept of power sharing through this quiz. Learn about the various forms of power sharing and discover how Belgium accommodates regional diversity through power sharing. Understand the significance of power sharing in a democratic country and test your knowledge on this important political concept.

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