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What is the study of the interaction among organisms and between organisms and their environment called?


What factors alter population size?

Birth, death, immigration, emigration

What method involves trapping and marking individuals to estimate the size of a population?


What does population ecology study?

Population size, density, demographics, growth, and limits on growth

What does population density refer to?

The number of individual organisms per unit area within a defined geographical range

Which county in NJ is the most populous?


What is the pattern of dispersion that involves equal spacing between individuals?


What are some factors that determine the dispersion pattern of population in NJ?

Proximity to NYC, housing availability, school system, shopping center, culture

What does demographics refer to?

Vital statistics that impact present and future population size

What is the term for the exponential increase in population size?

Exponential growth

What is the annual growth rate in 2009 for Indonesia?


What term refers to the maximum number of individuals that can be supported in a given environment?

Carrying capacity

What are examples of density-dependent factors?

Limited food supply, increased risk of disease, increase in waste levels

What is the term for the average number of children born to a woman over her lifetime?

Fertility rate

What does the demographic transition refer to?

A decrease in death rate followed by a decrease in birth rate

What is the term for the uncertainty about future human population growth rates?

Population projection

Test your knowledge of population ecology with this quiz! Explore concepts beyond the level of individual organisms and delve into the interactions among species and their environment. Topics include population dynamics, community ecology, and the impact of human population on the planet.

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