Polymers: Microstructural Features and Properties

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Which property does the isomeric state affect in the case of butane?

Boiling point

What is the initiator example given for the chemistry of polymers?

Benzoyl peroxide

What does Mn stand for in the context of molecular weight calculation?

Mass of a mole of chains

What does % crystallinity refer to in polymers?

Percentage of material that is crystalline

What type of polymer involves large blocks of A alternating with large blocks of B?

Alternating block polymer

What are the basic microstructural features of polymers?

Crystallinity and molecular weight distribution

How are polymer properties affected by molecular weight?

Higher molecular weight leads to decreased flexibility

What do polymeric crystals accommodate within the polymer chain?

Packing of the polymer chains in an ordered manner

What is the fundamental composition of most polymers?

Carbon and hydrogen

What phenomenon describes hydrocarbon compounds with the same composition but different atomic arrangements?


Explore the basic microstructural features of polymers, the effects of molecular weight on polymer properties, and how polymeric crystals accommodate polymer chains. Learn about polymers like polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and polypropylene (PP).

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