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What does a pointer in C contain?

Memory address

What is the size of a pointer in C?

Depends on the system architecture

What happens if a pointer is dereferenced without being assigned a valid memory address?

Results in undefined behavior

In call by value, what happens to the value of the actual parameters?

The value of the actual parameters is copied into the formal parameters

What is the main difference between call by value and call by reference in C?

Different memory is allocated for actual and formal parameters in call by value, whereas the same memory is allocated in call by reference

What is the role of formal parameters in a function call?

Formal parameters are the arguments used in the function call

What happens to the value inside the function in call by value method?

The value is not modified inside the function

What is the outcome of the example function 'square' in the given code?

The value inside the function is squared and printed

Test your knowledge of pointers in C with this quiz. Explore what a pointer in C contains, its size, and the consequences of dereferencing a pointer without a valid memory address.

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