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What is the main building block of a poetry stanza?


Which type of poem lacks consistent theme, pattern, or musical form?

Free verse poem

In a Shakespearean sonnet, what is the rhyme pattern typically used?


What is the 'little song' called that consists of 14 lines in 1 stanza and is usually about love?


What type of essay is intended to support an idea, present an argument, and persuade an audience?

Argumentative essay

When planning an argumentative essay, what step involves developing your reasons and elaborating on your claim?

Developing reasons

What is the purpose of using intertextuality in a text?

To enrich the message, perspective, or themes

Which of the following is an example of an explicit intertextual reference?

"Easy there white chocolate" - a direct quotation from the movie White Chicks

What is the purpose of using a 'word bank' or 'clincher' in a conclusion?

To restate the main points and leave a lasting impression

Which of the following is NOT a type of allusion mentioned in the text?

Philosophical allusion

What is the purpose of using a graphic organizer?

To sort and organize details in order to draw conclusions

What is the meaning of the term 'intertextuality'?

The interconnection, influence, and relationship of a text with other texts

Test your knowledge on the structure of poetry stanzas, including their composition and rhyme patterns. Explore different types of poems, such as rhymed and free verse, along with concepts like iambic meter and line breaks.

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