Poetry Analysis: The Sea at Night

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What is the mood of the sea described in the text?


In the poem, where does the moonlight fall according to the text?

Upon the straits

What sound is heard by the speaker in the text?

Grating roar of pebbles

Which historical figure is mentioned to have listened to a similar sound as in the text?


What did the Sea of Faith do according to the text?


What is the speaker's plea towards the end of the text?

Let us be true to one another

What imagery is used to describe the moon in the first stanza?

Gleaming and fleeting

What does the speaker suggest about human existence through the comparison with the Sea of Faith?

It is like a darkling plain with struggles and flight

What emotion does the sound of the waves evoke in the speaker?


What does the speaker reflect on regarding Sophocles hearing a similar sound on the Ægean Sea?

The ebb and flow of human misery it brought to mind

What does the Sea of Faith symbolize in the text?

Certitude and peace

How does the speaker describe the current state of the Sea of Faith?

'Melancholy, long, withdrawing roar'

Test your understanding of the poem about a calm sea at night, contrasting the French coast with the cliffs of England. Explore themes of tranquility and nature's beauty in this literary work.

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