Poetry Analysis: Son of the Old Moon-Mountains African

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What does the poet compare the river Nile to at the beginning of the poem?

a son

What literary device is used when the river Nile is described as the 'Son of the old Moon-mountains African'?


What is the parent of the river Nile according to the poet?

old Moon-mountain range

How does the poet add emphasis to the river Nile's male characteristics?

By using the metaphor of a son

What can be seen as an anthropomorphism in the poem?

The attribution of human characteristics to the river Nile

What does the poet use to compare the river Nile's parentage to a person?


What does the poet refer to as a metaphor as well as an anthropomorphism?

Calling the river a chief

What does the poet use to interrupt the flow of the line and give time for the reader to think on the mystery and obscurity of the river Nile?


What does the poet juxtapose to further enhance the mystery of the river?

Fruitful and the desert

What is the meaning of 'seeing's inward span'?


What does the poet ask the river whether it is truly or just enchanting for the men who worked with extreme labor to honor it?

Truly fruitful or just beguiling

What does the ellipsis 'twixt' mean in modern English?


What is the metaphor through which Keats attempts to illustrate how the river tended the dark-complexioned people and gave life to their civilizations?


What literary device is used in the line 'Rest for a space 'twixt Cairo and Decan'?

Rhetorical question

What does the poet conclude about inaccurate imaginations in the ninth line?

Inaccurate imaginations have made a mistake

What is the meaning of 'Volta' in the context of the text?

The ninth line

Test your understanding of the poem 'Son of the Old Moon-Mountains African' with this quiz. Explore the themes, imagery, and literary devices used in the poem.

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