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What startled the speaker in the text?

Magnesium flares

What happened to the speaker's drawers and undershirt?

They disappeared

What injury did the speaker sustain on his thigh?

A splinter

Where did the speaker find a piece of glass dislodged from?

His cheek

What was the fate of the man who was crushed by the gate?

He died

Why did the speaker realize they needed to get to the hospital?

The injured needed medical aid

What disturbed the narrator somewhat after realizing they were naked?

Encountering a woman and child also naked

Why was the narrator initially concerned about their nakedness?

Feeling ashamed

What led the narrator to conclude that something strange had caused them to be stripped of their clothes?

Seeing a woman with a child both naked

Why did the narrator instruct Yecko-san to go on ahead despite her reluctance?

There was no other choice in their distress

What caused the people the narrator encountered to fear chafing flesh against flesh?

Friction on their burns

Why did the narrator experience a dreadful loneliness after Yecko-san had gone ahead?

He felt disconnected from humanity

Study Notes

The Morning After the Disaster

  • The morning was calm, beautiful, and warm, with shimmering leaves and shadows.
  • The narrator was suddenly startled by a strong flash, and then saw the old stone lantern brightly lit, possibly with magnesium flares.

The Disaster Strikes

  • The roof, walls, and world around the narrator collapsed, and the narrator was injured in the garden.
  • The narrator's drawers and undershirt disappeared, and a splinter was jutting from their mangled thigh.
  • The narrator's right side was bleeding, and their cheek was torn.
  • They dislodged a piece of glass from their body, wondering what had happened.

Searching for the Wife

  • The narrator called out for their wife, Yecko-san, who eventually emerged from the debris, holding her elbow.
  • The narrator urged Yecko-san to get out quickly, and they stumbled to the street, tripping over a dead body whose head had been crushed by a gate.


  • A house nearby was standing, but it tilted, swayed, and crashed, with fire spreading in the dust due to the wind.
  • The narrator realized they needed to get to the hospital, and also thought about helping their staff.
  • The narrator's legs gave way, and they sat down, feeling thirsty but unable to find water.
  • Eventually, they got up and found a soldier who gave them a towel to cover themselves.
  • The narrator's legs were stiff with dried blood, and they told Yecko-san to go ahead to the hospital, as they were unable to move quickly.

Encounter with Others

  • The narrator encountered people with severe burns, who were silent and unable to move due to the friction on their wounds.
  • They saw people shuffling towards the hospital, and a woman with a child standing in their path, both naked.
  • The narrator realized that some strange event had stripped them of their clothes, and everyone was in a state of shock and silence.

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