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Poetry Analysis: Love and Loss Themes

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What is the primary theme that deviates from the traditional romantic love presented in other poems in the anthology?

The violent and haunting nature of love

What literary device is used to convey the speaker's frustrated lust in the poem?


What is the significance of the competitive aspect of the hunt in the poem?

It recalls misogynistic ways of talking about sex

What can be inferred about the speaker's relationship with the lover from the poem?

The speaker is obsessed with the lover and cannot let go

What is the literary device used to describe the lover's physical appearance in the poem?


What is the possible interpretation of the extended metaphor of hunting in the poem?

That love is a violent and aggressive act

What is the significance of the speaker's inability to 'hold the wind'?

He is unable to unite with the woman he loves

What does the repetition of the consonant 'ow' sounds in the poem suggest?

The speaker's pain and frustration

What is implied if the deer were to be caught in the poem?

The deer would be killed

What is the speaker's frustration rooted in?

His inability to unite with the woman he loves

What is the central argument about the power dynamic between the speaker and the female figure in the poem?

The power lies with the man, but he misattributes it to the woman's qualities.

What literary device is used in the line 'who list her hunt, I put him out o doubt,/ as well as I may spend my time in vain'?


What is the symbolic significance of the hunt in the poem?

It represents the struggle for power between the sexes.

What theme is prominent in both this poem and 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci'?

The theme of loss and obsession.

What is the speaker's mental state in the poem?

He is mentally stuck, still obsessed with the woman.

Analyze the themes of love and loss in a poem, exploring the use of metaphors and sound devices to convey pain and warning. Discuss the equation of violence with lust and sexuality in the pursuit of love.

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