Physics Chapter 7: Liquids in Motion (Hydrodynamics)

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What is the type of flow where there is no change within it?

Steady flow

What is the term for the path of a fluid particle in motion?


What is the property of a fluid that depends on the frictional force between the fluid and the surface it is in contact with?


What is the type of flow where the fluid rotates about an axis?

Rotational flow

What is the term for the flow of fluid in which the fluid particles do not rotate about their own axis?

Irrotational flow

What is the name mentioned as 'AV'?


What does the 'desample' refer to in the context?

Stream decoding

What is '2119' related to in the given text?

A date

What is 'Mate' short for in the given context?

Most Advanced Technology Enterprise

What is 'VA' associated with in the given text?

Velama Hux

What is the term used to describe the velocity of the fluid at a particular point in the tube of flow?

Tube of flow

What is the primary condition for the flow of fluid through a tube of flow?

The fluid must enter at one end and leave at the other

What is represented by the letter 'A' in the diagram of the tube of flow?

The cross-sectional area of the tube

What is the direction of flow of the fluid in the tube of flow?

From P to Q

What is the equation related to the flow of fluid through a tube of flow?

Equation of continuity

This quiz covers the concepts of hydrodynamics, including types of fluid flow, friction, and streamlines. It also explores the characteristics of compressible and incompressible fluids.

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