Physical Geology: Metamorphic Rocks & Metamorphism

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What is the process that results in mineralogical changes?

Recombination or reaction between existing minerals and available ions

What is the characteristic of slate?

Fine-grained and foliated

What determines the color of slate?

The mineral constituents

What is schist characterized by?

Strongly foliated and contains mica minerals

What is gneiss formed from?

High-grade metamorphism of shale or granite

What is the characteristic of marble?

Coarse-grained and nonfoliated

What is marble formed from?

Metamorphism of limestone

What is the color of pure marble?


What is the process that forms slate?

Low-grade metamorphism of shale

What is a type of schist?

Mica schist

Test your knowledge of metamorphic rocks and the process of metamorphism, including the agents and types of metamorphism, and examples of metamorphic rocks. Learn about the transformation of rocks under temperature and pressure deep within the earth.

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