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What type of information does the $_SERVER superglobal contain in PHP?

The server's IP address

How are functions and procedures beneficial in programming?

They allow for modular and organized programming

What keyword is used to declare functions in PHP?


Which of the following is NOT stored in the $_SERVER superglobal in PHP?

Operating system information

In PHP, what is enclosed in parentheses when declaring a function?

Function parameters

Which function is used to replace a string with another string?


What is the purpose of the $_REQUEST superglobal?

To store the contents of $_GET, $_POST, and $_COOKIE

Which function is used to count the number of elements in an array?


What does the array_push() function do?

Adds one or more elements to the end of an array

Which function is used to generate a random number?


What is the purpose of the mysqli_connect() function?

To establish a connection with a MySQL database

Which HTML tag is used to create a form?

What type of elements can be used within an HTML form?

Text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes

Which HTML tag is used to create tables on a web page?

What is the purpose of using radio buttons in an HTML form?

Choosing from a list of options

In HTML, which element is used to label other form elements like text boxes or dropdown menus?

What is the main purpose of using tables in HTML?

Displaying data in an organized manner

What is the purpose of the 'calculate_sum' function?

To calculate and return the sum of two numbers

Which superglobal in PHP contains data sent to the script through a POST request?


What type of function is 'calculate_sum' based on the provided text?

Procedure without a return value

What does the $_GET superglobal in PHP contain?

Data included in the URL after a question mark

In PHP, what is the purpose of the $_REQUEST superglobal?

To retrieve data from both GET and POST requests

Assuming a URL is '', which superglobal would store this data in PHP?


What does the 'calc()' function in CSS primarily help in calculating?

Width, height, margin

Which CSS function is used to specify the location of an external resource like an image or font?


What does the 'transform()' function in CSS help in applying to HTML elements?

Transformations like scaling and rotating

Which CSS function is used to create a shadow effect for an HTML element?


Which type of length units are fixed and appear as exactly the specified size?

Absolute lengths

What do relative length units in CSS specify?

Length relative to another length property

Test your knowledge about the PHP $_SERVER superglobal which contains information about the server environment and the current request. This quiz covers the stored information in $_SERVER such as the current script file name, client IP address, and request method.

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