PHP Introduction and Basic Syntax

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In which year was PHP version 3.0 released?


Which version of PHP added support for Object Oriented Programming (OOP)?


What is the full form of PHP?

Hypertext Preprocessor

Who developed the initial version of PHP in 1994?

Rasmus Lerdorf

Which of the following is NOT a feature of PHP?

Limiting output to only HTML

What does WAMP stand for in the context of PHP?

Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP

What kind of applications is PHP primarily used for?

Web-based software applications

What type of programming does PHP support?

A mixture of procedural and object-oriented programming

Which of the following is true about the installation of WAMP server on Windows?

It's an application that includes Apache, MySQL, and PHP components

What makes PHP a versatile option for web development?

Its availability at no cost and support for multiple platforms and databases

Learn about PHP, a programming language for creating dynamic web content that interacts with databases. Discover its use in developing web-based software applications and running platforms like WordPress and social networks.

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