PHP Arrays and User-Defined Functions Quiz

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Which function is used for array inspection in PHP?


What is the purpose of foreach loop in PHP?

To iterate through array elements

What is an associative array in PHP?

An array with both numeric and string indexes

What is the purpose of static variables in PHP functions?

To accumulate data across function calls

Which keyword is used to declare a user-defined function in PHP?


Study Notes

PHP Fundamentals

  • print_r() function is used for array inspection in PHP, allowing developers to print human-readable information about a variable.

Loops in PHP

  • foreach loop is used to iterate over arrays or objects, executing a block of code for each item in the collection.

Array Types in PHP

  • An associative array in PHP is a type of array that uses strings or integers as keys, allowing developers to store and retrieve data using named keys.

Variables in PHP

  • Static variables in PHP functions retain their value between function calls, allowing for persistent data storage within a function's scope.

Defining Functions in PHP

  • The function keyword is used to declare a user-defined function in PHP, enabling the creation of reusable blocks of code.

Test your knowledge of PHP arrays and user-defined functions with this quiz. Learn about the different approaches to using arrays in PHP, how to inspect arrays using functions like print_r and var_dump, and how to iterate through array elements using the foreach function. Explore one-dimensional and multi-dimensional arrays, as well as associative arrays.

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