Philosophy of Plato

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What is the function of the reason in Plato's tripartite soul?

To control and direct passion and appetite

What is the nature of ideas according to Plato?

They are eternal and unchanging

Why does Plato regard sensory organs as a hindrance to knowledge acquisition?

Because they are limited to the physical world

What is the role of appetite in Plato's tripartite soul?

To satisfy natural needs of the body

What is the similarity between Plato's concept and Freud's concept?

Both propose the idea of id, ego, and super ego

What is the name of the institution established by Plato?


What is the focal point of Socrates' method of gaining knowledge and understanding?

Looking inwards to the self

What is the relationship between knowledge and awareness according to Socrates?

Knowledge and awareness create virtue

What is Socrates' view on the concept of happiness?

Happiness is achieved through acquiring by honest means

What is the significance of the psyche or soul in Socrates' philosophy?

The psyche is superior to the body

What is the underlying principle of Socrates' concept of the universe?

All things have a definite purpose

What is the characteristic of the Socratic method of teaching?

It involves a dialogue

According to ancient Greek philosophers, what were the three basic elements considered to be the ingredients of all matter including humans?

Water, Air, Fire

What is the underlying idea behind the concept of eternal contradictions, according to ancient Greek philosophers?

There is always a counter explanation to every phenomenon

Which philosopher is credited with laying the foundation of ideas for many philosophers/psychologists to follow?


Where did Socrates believe knowledge and truth reside?

In the mind

What concept did the ancient Greek philosophers develop, which was later supported by the discovery of atoms?

The concept that everything consists of small indivisible particles

What was the significance of the concept of eternal contradictions in ancient Greek philosophy?

It led to the idea of constant flux in the world

Explore the philosophical ideas of Plato, including the concept of appetite, eternal ideas, and the role of the soul in acquiring knowledge.

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