Philippine Real Estate Developers

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In how many categories was Megaworld nominated at the 2017 Philippines Property Awards?


When was Megaworld Corporation founded?


How many real estate developments has Megaworld Corporation completed in the Philippines?


What is the approximate annual revenue of SM Prime Holdings from its real estate assets?

$400 million

What type of properties does SM Prime Holdings primarily own?

Mid to high-rise condo buildings

How many projects has SM Development Corporation, SM Prime's residential subsidiary, completed?


What is the focus of Shang Properties in recent years?

Residential real estate

What type of buildings does Century Properties specialize in?

High-rise condo buildings

What is the approximate minimum cost of a standard condo at One Shangri-La Place in Metro Manila?


Which company is behind the Shangri-La hotel chain?

The Kuok Group

What type of housing does Century Properties offer besides luxury units?

Mid-level housing

What is a distinctive feature of Century Properties' buildings?

Most buildings are located in Manila

What is the current focus of Robinsons company?

Commercial properties

What is Rockwell Land known for?

Luxury real estate

What is the price range of Rockwell's properties in the Philippines?

Over $100,000

What is unique about Rockwell Center?

It is a 'mini-city' on the site of a former power plant

What happened to Century Properties' net profit in the 2010s?

It nearly doubled

In what year was Century Properties founded?


Which building is the tallest in the Philippines?


In which year was the TRUMP TOWER MANILA completed?


How many floors does the GRAMERCY RESIDENCE have?


What is the height of the SHANG SALCEDO PLACE?

249.80 m

Which building is located in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila?


What is the height of the ONE SHANGRI-LA TOWER NORTH?

227 m

What is the primary purpose of land surveying in subdividing a land?

To measure and map the environment with mathematical and technological skills

What is the role of a land surveyor in a subdivision project?

To guide architects and engineers in designing the infrastructure

What is the ARCC and SLP in the context of government infrastructure projects?

A stage of adjustment on allowable ranges of contract costs

What is the classification of projects based on their size range and license category?

Large B, Large A, Medium B, Medium A, Small B, Small A

What is the purpose of the guidelines for registration for government infrastructure projects?

To ensure that contractors meet the required qualifications and standards

What is the equivalent project end for elevator and escalator work?

General Building

Learn about the major real estate developers in the Philippines, including Megaworld Corporation and SM Prime Holdings, and their accomplishments in the industry.

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