Philippine Festivals and Landmarks

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What is the name of the festival that celebrates the bounty of Lanzones fruit?

Lanzones Festival

What is the term 'Hudyaka' in the Visayan language?


What is the name of the island famous for its pink coralline sand?

Sta.Cruz Island

What is the name of the festival that honors the feast day of Saint John the Baptist?

San Juan Sa Hibok-Hibok Festival

What is the name of the park and wetlands that is an ecotourism and birdwatching paradise?

Kabug Mangrove Park and Wetlands

What is the name of the festival that is held every 1st day of May?

Kasikas Festival

What is the 'Oyster capital of the Philippines'?

Zamboanga Del Sur

What is the name of the ancient spiritual rite held every April 16-20?

Buklog Festival

What is the name of the remnants of the old cemetery that are now found underwater?

Sunken Cemetery

What is the original purpose of Noah's Ark?

A big fishing boat

Study Notes

Caves and Waterfalls

  • The 245-feet long cave, dubbed "heaven waterfalls", is home to 1.8 million fruit bats, declared the world's biggest colony in 2010.


  • Kalindugan Festival: celebrates the unity, strength, and pride of the Mandaya community in rising above adversities.
  • Pista sa Kinaiyahan Festival: celebrates Mother Nature through tree planting, clean-up drives, and environmental advocacy in Sta. Cruz.
  • Panagtagbo Festival: celebrates unity and peace among Tagumeños.
  • Banana Festival: celebrates the founding anniversary of the province, highlighting banana products.

Landmarks and Natural Wonders

  • Pulacan Falls: a main source of water for irrigation in the town, cascading over a rock face in a forest setting.
  • Fort Pilar: a stone fort built in the 17th century for the protection of Christian settlers against Moro pirates in Zamboanga City.
  • White Island: an uninhabited white sandbar with panoramic views of Mt. Hibok-Hibok and Old Volcano.
  • Mantigue Island: a protected marine sanctuary with white sand beaches, turquoise waters, colorful coral reefs, and a lush nature park.
  • Katibawasan Falls: considered the tallest waterfall in the province of Bukidnon.
  • Noah's Ark: a 90.50-foot long and 20-foot high structure originally meant to be a big fishing boat.
  • Kabug Mangrove Park and Wetlands: an ecotourism and birdwatching paradise in Kabug Island, Siay.

Other Celebrations and Events

  • Buklog Festival: an ancient spiritual rite to offer gratefulness and honor spirits for abundant harvest and protection from misfortune.
  • Lanzones Festival: celebrates the bounty harvest of the Lanzones fruit.
  • Hudyakan Zanorte Festival: showcases Zanorte's best through Agri-tourism and street dancing.
  • San Juan sa Hibok-Hibok Festival: a celebration to honor the feast day of Saint John the Baptist.
  • Sibu-Sibu Festival: features the grilling of talaba, earning the province the title "Oyster capital of the Philippines".
  • Kasikas Festival: honors Sr. San Jose Mamumuo, the patron of Ipil.
  • Paseo del Mar: a 2.5-hectare leisure park located close to Fort Pilar in Zamboanga City.

This quiz is about the Kalindugan Festival and notable landmarks in the Philippines, such as the 'heaven waterfalls' cave and its unique features. Explore the country's cultural and natural heritage.

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