Philippine English Pronunciation Challenges

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Few Filipinos have the /æ/ in AmE mask; instead, they use /ɑ/ as in AmE ___.


Educated Filipinos aim at an AmE accent, but have varying success with the vowel contrasts in sheep/ship, full/___


The distinction between /s, z/ and /ʃ, ʒ/ is not made: azure is ‘ayshure’, pleasure ‘pleshure’, seize ‘___’.


Interdental /ɵ, ð/ are often rendered as /t, d/, so that three of these is spoken as ‘tree of ___.’


Living in a global community demands an understanding of the similarities and differences from one country to another and from one culture to another. There is also a need to understand and learn the varieties and registers of spoken and written ___.


Intercultural communication is interacting with people of different ___.


Philippine English has __________ properties and features.


British English and American English have differences in phonology, vocabulary, spelling, and _________.


Register in language can be categorized into frozen, formal, consultative, casual, and ________.


Slang is not considered part of the standard ________ of a language.


Everyday language registers are often spoken, while in academic context, oral forms are accompanied with ________ communication.


Philippine English has ________ usages and puristic nature that can be difficult to understand.


English crosses national boundaries and brings people together from different __________ and cultural backgrounds


English is the most widespread language in the world. Is there a Standard __________?


Which variety of English should we speak? Tough questions that are subjects of on-going __________


McCrum (1986) espoused the idea of World Englishes (WE) in response to which variety of English should be used. They say all languages are equal in functionality, but not all are equal in __________


English has impacted societies in many facets such as education, politics, trade, commerce, economy, technology, and __________


Non-native speakers of English draw upon it, either wittingly or unwittingly, in relation to their linguistic and socio-cultural __________


Study Notes

Importance of Intercultural Communication

  • Effective global communication requires enhanced intercultural communication skills
  • Language variability is a major characteristic due to factors like geography, social class, occupation, and age group

Language Varieties

  • Dialect: geographical variant of a language
  • Sociolect: social dialect
  • Idiolect: speech pattern of an individual
  • Slang: not considered part of standard vocabulary
  • Pidgins: simplified languages

Registers of Spoken and Written Language

  • Frozen or static register
  • Formal register
  • Consultative register
  • Casual register
  • Intimate register
  • Registers are defined by social situations and level of formality

Varieties of English

  • British English and American English are two of the most well-known varieties of English
  • Philippine English has unique linguistic properties and features
  • Philippine English is rhotic, syllable-timed, and polysyllabic with distinctive stress

Characteristics of Philippine English

  • Educated Filipinos aim for an American English accent but struggle with vowel contrasts
  • Few Filipinos have the /æ/ sound in American English "mask"
  • The distinction between /s, z/ and /ʃ, ʒ/ is not made, and interdental /ɵ, ð/ are often rendered as /t, d/

Intercultural Communication

  • It involves interacting with people of different cultures
  • There are four forms of intercultural communication: interracial, interethnic, international, and intracultural

Test your knowledge on the pronunciation challenges faced by educated Filipinos aiming for an American English accent. Explore the variations in vowel contrasts and common mistakes in sounds like /æ/, /ɑ/, /s, z/, /ʃ, ʒ/, and /ɵ, ð/.

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