Philippine Autonomy Act and Filipinization Quiz

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Who became Secretary of Interior in 1922-1923?


Why did Sergeant Ray Conley appeal his case to Secretary Laurel?

To seek support for his suspension

Who intervened on behalf of Sergeant Ray Conley?

Governor-General Leonard Wood

Why did the Filipino members of the cabinet find Governor-General Leonard Wood's intervention insulting?

They considered it disrespectful to their authority

Why did Secretary Laurel resign?

To protest the decision regarding Conley

JPL rose quickly in the ranks and became Secretary of Interior (1922-1923)


Sergeant Ray Conley was suspended for bribery


Conley appealed his case to Secretary Laurel and was granted


Governor-General Leonard Wood's intervention on Conley's behalf was well received by the Filipino members of his cabinet


Secretary Laurel resigned in protest of Governor-General Leonard Wood's intervention on Conley's behalf


Test your knowledge of the Philippine Autonomy Act and the Filipinization process with this quiz. Learn about the role of JPL in the Philippines government during this period and explore the historical context of the U.S. pledge for Philippine independence.

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