pH Regulation and Buffer Systems Quiz

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What is the most important buffer system for leveling off pH fluctuations?

Bicarbonate-carbonic acid system

What is the cause of respiratory acidosis?

Retention of CO2

What are the effects of alkalosis on the respiratory system?

Loss of CO2 (hyperventilation)

How is metabolic alkalosis caused?

Loss of H+ or ingestion of antacids

What are the compensation mechanisms for acidosis?

Deep rapid breathing and secretion of urine with a low pH

What are the effects of dehydration?

Dry mucous membranes in the mouth

What are the attempts to compensate for fluid loss?

Increasing thirst

What is third-spacing of fluid?

Fluid shifts out of the blood into a body cavity or tissue and cannot reenter the vascular compartment

What are the effects of increased capillary permeability?

Third-spacing of fluid

How does the body attempt to control serum pH?

Buffer systems

Test your knowledge of buffer systems and pH regulation with this quiz. Learn about the bicarbonate-carbonic acid system and its role in maintaining stable pH levels in the body. Explore the causes of changes in blood pH, including acidosis and the mechanisms of compensation.

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