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What does PSP stand for in the context of software engineering?

Personal Software Process

Which of the following is NOT included in the PSP framework?


What is the main purpose of PSP for software engineers?

To identify areas for improvement

Which PSP process focuses on size estimation, planning, and scheduling?


What aspect of software development does PSP3.0 guide?

Component level development

Which of the following processes does PSP2 include?

Design review and code review

What is a key characteristic of Agile processes for working wicked problems?

Emphasize teamwork

Which values does the Agile Manifesto emphasize for agile development?

Self-organizing teams, Maintaining a constant pace of development, Simplicity is essential, Attention to technical excellence

What does the completion of each phase in a process establish?

A milestone

What is the primary 'measure of progress' in Agile development?

Working Software

What does an Agile Methodology define in software development?

How to carry out the activities specified within the software process

According to Agile principles, what should all stakeholders do in software development?

'Customer Collaboration'

Study Notes

Personal Software Process (PSP) Model

  • A comprehensive framework for training software engineers
  • Consists of scripts, forms, standards, and guidelines used in the training
  • Helps software engineers identify areas for improvement
  • Prepares software engineers to work in a team project

PSP Framework

  • Consists of a series of predefined processes:
    • PSP0 & PSP0.1: introduce process discipline and measurement, including baseline, time recording, defect recording, defect type, coding standards, and process improvement
    • PSP1 & PSP1.1: introduce size estimation, planning, and scheduling
    • PSP2 & PSP2.1: introduce quality management and design, including code review and design review
    • PSP3.0: guides component-level development

Team Software Process (TSP) and Agile Processes

  • Agile processes are suitable for working on "wicked" problems and emphasize teamwork, joint development with users, rapid development, and frequent incremental deliveries and verification/validation
  • Agile development is guided by 4 values and 12 principles

Agile Values

  • The 4 values of Agile development:
    • Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools
    • Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation
    • Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiations
    • Responding to Change over Following a Plan

Agile Principles

  • The 12 principles of Agile development:
    • Early and continuous delivery of valuable software
    • Welcome changing requirements
    • Deliver software frequently
    • All stakeholders must work together
    • Build projects around motivated people
    • Face-to-face communication
    • Working software is the primary measure of progress
    • Maintain a constant pace of development
    • Attention to technical excellence
    • Simplicity is essential
    • Self-organizing teams
    • Review at regular intervals and improve method and behaviors

Process and Methodology

  • A process is a set of inter-related activities organized into phases to construct something (usually a system)
  • Each phase produces some work products that are used as inputs to the next phase
  • The completion of each phase establishes a milestone
  • A methodology implements a phase of a process and defines the detailed steps on how to carry out the activities specified within the software process

Learn about the Personal Software Process (PSP) model, a comprehensive framework for training software engineers. Discover how PSP consists of scripts, forms, standards, and guidelines used in the training to help software engineers identify areas for improvement and prepare them to work in team projects.

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