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What does 'اسم من چیست؟' mean?

What is my name?

Which language is the text written in?


What type of information is being sought in the text?


Study Notes

Introduction to the Text

  • The text is written in Persian (Farsi), the official language of Iran and Afghanistan.
  • The text asks the question "اسم من چیست؟", which translates to "What is my name?" in English.
  • The type of information being sought in the text is personal identification or self-identification.

"اسم من چیست؟" means "What is my name?" in Persian. The text is written in Persian. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of Persian language and your ability to understand and respond to basic questions in Persian. Test your language skills and see how well you can answer the question "What is my name?" in Persian!

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