Perioperative Care and Surgical Nursing Quiz

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What is another name for a surgical nurse?

Theatre nurse

What is a requirement for becoming a theatre nurse?

Complete extra training

What is the primary focus of a theatre nurse?

Perioperative care

During which phase of surgery does the theatre nurse help to prepare the patient and operating room?


What do people who want to become surgical nurses specialize in during nursing school?

Surgical nursing

What is the main responsibility of a theatre nurse during the surgery phase?

Assisting the anaesthetist and surgeons

What additional training is required for Registered Nurses or Enrolled Nurses to become theatre nurses?

Specialized perioperative care training

What is a key role of the theatre nurse during the post-operative phase?

Providing suitable care and treatments to patients

What is a requirement for individuals who want to become surgical nurses?

Attending nursing school and specializing in surgical nursing

What is the primary focus of a theatre nurse's role?

Providing perioperative care to surgical patients

Test your knowledge of perioperative care and surgical nursing with this quiz. Explore the responsibilities and specializations of theatre nurses, as well as the phases of surgery. Whether you're an aspiring theatre nurse or simply interested in surgical care, this quiz will challenge and inform you.

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