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What term refers to the surgical technologist's right to abstain from participation in certain cases that violate their ethical, moral, or religious values?

Refusal to perform an assigned task

What can result from injury due to improper positioning of the patient?


What is the definition of accountability?


How is negligence defined?

An omission

Whose responsibility is it to identify the surgical patient?

All of the above

What term refers to permission being given for an action?


When does implied consent apply?

Conditions are discovered during surgery

What term is used in the healthcare field to refer to the placing of information into a patient's medical record?


What is used to report an unusual event that has occurred and may have legal ramifications for the staff or the patient?

Incident report

What is ethics an attempt to define?


Which of the following is the legal definition of negligence for a nurse or surgical technologist?

A lack of care or skill that any nurse or surgical technologist in the same situation would be expected to use

What is the Latin phrase that refers to the principle of putting the patient first and doing no harm?

Aeger primo

Which of the following is NOT included in the code of ethics of the Association of Surgical Technologists?

To maintain a positive and professional attitude towards the patient

Who is responsible for obtaining the informed consent for a surgical procedure?


Which of the following individuals can be named in a lawsuit related to patient care?

All of the above

What is the legal doctrine that refers to a situation where the cause of an injury is obvious and does not require additional evidence?

Correct Answer Re ipso loquitur

Who are the parties typically involved in signing the surgical consent form?

Patient, surgeon, and witness

What is a living will?

A document specifying the patient's desired medical treatment in case of incapacitation

What principle allows surgical technologists to abstain from participating in certain procedures?

Conscientious objection

Which statement about informed consent is true?

It is a continuous process that may involve multiple discussions

What is the primary purpose of a living will?

To specify the patient's preferences for end-of-life care

What is the primary goal of the surgical consent process?

Inform the patient of the specifics of the procedure, medical reasons, and risks

Which organization requires operative records documenting all aspects of perioperative care?

The Joint Commission

In a surgical setting, what could result in a liability case related to assault and battery?

Assault and battery

Which agency oversees the certification and credentialing of Surgical Technologists?


In a scenario where a circulator leaves a patient unattended leading to an injury, what is this considered as?

Abandonment of patient

Test your knowledge on patient operative consent forms and informed consent in the medical field. Learn about the process of explaining risks, benefits, and alternatives of surgery to patients.

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