Paedomorphosis in Adult Female Bagworm Moths Quiz

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Which period experienced the greatest increase in the number of extant species?


What adaptation by mammals helped their adaptive radiation after the extinction of terrestrial dinosaurs?

Increase in diversity

Which major innovation of the three radiations was associated with defying gravity to facilitate life on land?


What is the most likely explanation for the rapid speciation that occurred after the end of the Permian period?

Lack of competition

According to the theory of seafloor spreading, how do oceanic islands, like the Hawaiian Islands, form?

Due to volcanic eruptions

What key evolutionary event occurred in Australia according to the text?

Diversification of marsupials

Which core in the figure above has the most accurate arrangement of fossils?

Core A

What factor most likely caused animals and plants in India to differ greatly from species in nearby southeast Asia?

India was a separate continent until 45 million years ago.

Which concept explains the evolution of complex eyes?

Complex eyes evolved through a series of steps that benefited the eyes.

How does continental drift explain the uniqueness of Australian fauna?

The subsequent separation of the southern continents formed an island of marsupials.

What is the phenomenon described in the first part of the text an example of?


Why do adult female bagworm moths lack wings and retain a larval appearance?

As a result of paedomorphosis

In the absence of wings, what can adult female bagworm moths still do?

Lay eggs within a protective bag

What genetic process is responsible for the loss of ventral spines in modern freshwater sticklebacks?

Silencing (loss of expression)

What characteristic do the daughter species in the hypothetical situation NOT share with the original female fly?

Ability to fly

What is unique about the male members of each daughter species in the hypothetical situation?

They carry modified halteres unique to their species

Test your knowledge on adult female bagworm moths, which exhibit paedomorphosis by retaining the appearance of a caterpillar despite being sexually mature. This quiz covers concepts related to their unique growth and reproductive characteristics.

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