Overview of Natural Resources and Sustainability

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Which type of resources are perpetually available and can be renewed over short periods of time?

Renewable resources

Who argued that population growth must be controlled to prevent it from outstripping food production?

Thomas Malthus

Which scientific field involves gathering information about something not well known or that cannot be manipulated in experiments?


What is the main focus of Environmentalism as a social movement?

Environmental activism

Which individual proposed the concept of the 'tragedy of the commons' regarding resource depletion?

Garret Hardin

What is the main purpose of the scientific method?

Testing ideas

What is the purpose of formulating a hypothesis?

To generate predictions that can be tested

In a controlled experiment, what is the role of the control group?

It is the unmanipulated point of comparison

Which type of experiment provides strong evidence by revealing causal relationships?

Manipulative experiments

What type of experiments are suitable for ecosystem or planet-scale questions?

Natural experiments

Which activity tests the validity of a hypothesis?


What is the function of peer review in scientific research?

To provide comments and criticism on research findings

Learn about the different types of natural resources, including renewable and non-renewable resources, and their impact on sustainability. Explore the connection between industrialization, population growth, and resource management.

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