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Overview of Mollusks: Phylum Mollusca

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What is the primary function of the radula in mollusks?

To scrape food particles

What is the characteristic of the foot of mollusks?

It is a flat muscular structure

Which class of mollusks includes snails and slugs?


What is the function of the ink sac in cephalopods?

To produce a thick black liquid that blinds and confuses predators

What is the characteristic of the skin of echinoderms?

It is rough or spiny

What is the characteristic of the lifestyle of most echinoderms?

They are free-swimming as larvae and sessile as adults

What is the primary function of a horseshoe crab's pedipalps?


What is the name of the carbohydrate that makes up a horseshoe crab's exoskeleton?


Where do horseshoe crabs typically lay their eggs?

On sandy beaches

What is the approximate age of a horseshoe crab when it reaches reproductive maturity?

10 years

How many species of horseshoe crabs exist?


What is the primary source of food for horseshoe crabs?

Marine worms and mollusks

How many times can a juvenile horseshoe crab molt its exoskeleton?

17 times

What is the purpose of the pheromones released by female horseshoe crabs?

To signal reproductive receptivity

Where is the exoskeleton of echinoderms composed of calcium carbonate plates or ossicles located?

Around their endoskeletons

How do echinoderms reproduce sexually?

By producing sperm cells and eggs

Which part of the horseshoe crab is often used for testing vaccines for sterility?


What is the ecological consequence of harvesting horseshoe crabs without regulation?

Decrease in population of migratory birds like the Red Knot

Which class of arthropods includes sea stars and sea urchins?

Asteroidea and Echinoidea

In which geological period did arthropods become some of the first animals to walk on land?

Carboniferous period

Learn about the characteristics of mollusks, invertebrates with soft bodies that belong to the Phylum Mollusca. Discover how they protect themselves with shells, have a mantle that secretes shell material, and possess unique feeding structures like the radula.

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