Organometallic Chemistry: Metal Carbonyls and Spectroscopy

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What is the main role of organometallic chemistry?

To bridge organic and inorganic chemistry

What is the significance of organometallic chemistry in industrial applications?

It plays a vital role in homogeneous catalysis for industrial processes

What concept is utilized to predict the number of metal-metal bonds in metal carbonyls?

The 18 electron rule

What is the primary use of Zeise’s salt?

In the synthesis of polymers

What is the significance of hapticity in organometallic chemistry?

It affects the bonding of ligands to the metal center

How does organometallic chemistry contribute to the reduction of fossil fuel usage?

By developing alternative energy sources

What is the defining characteristic of an organometallic compound?

Presence of a metal-carbon bond

When was Zeise’s Salt, K[Pt(C2H4)Cl3] H2O, first synthesized?


Who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of the metathesis method in organic synthesis?

Robert H. Grubbs

Which compound was synthesized about 1900 and is included in the field of organometallic chemistry?

Grignard Reagents

What kind of bonding interactions define an organometallic compound?

Ionic or covalent, localized or delocalized between one or more carbon atoms and a metal atom

What do naturally occurring Cobalamins contain?

Co-C bonds

Which discovery marks the beginning of modern Organometallic Chemistry?

'Ferrocene' synthesis

Who shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for palladium-catalyzed cross couplings in organic synthesis in 2010?

Richard F. Heck and Ei-ichi Negishi

Which compound was not fully known until 1975 hydrate?

Zeise’s Salt

What did William N. Lipscomb receive the Nobel Prize for?

Studies on the structure of boranes illuminating problems of chemical bonding

Test your knowledge of organometallic chemistry, focusing on topics like 18 and 16 electron rules, hapticity, bonding in metal carbonyls, Zeise’s salt, IR spectroscopy of metal carbonyls, and structure of polynuclear metal carbonyls. This quiz also covers the synthesis of simple metal carbonyls and their applications.

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