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What is one of the benefits of specialization in administration?

Efficient and effective administration

How does clarity of powers contribute to a sense of security in a concern?

By increasing mental satisfaction

What provides enough space for a manager to develop talents and flourish knowledge?

Clear roles and activities to be performed

What is the primary purpose of organizing in a concern?

To establish a pattern of relationship for effective work accomplishment

According to Louis A. Allen, what is included in the process of organizing?

Delegating responsibility and authority

How does organizational structure contribute to effective job placement?

By selecting people for departments based on qualifications and experience

What is the significance of well-defined jobs in an organizational structure?

It clarifies authority and brings efficiency into managers' work

Organizing is a function in which the synchronization of human, physical, and financial resources takes place.


Organizing involves identifying and grouping the work to be performed, but does not include defining and delegating the responsibility and authority.


The primary purpose of organizing is to establish a pattern of relationships to enable people to work most efficiently.


Organizational structure does not contribute to effective job placement, as it only focuses on defining roles and responsibilities.


Efficiency can be achieved by blurring the role positions to the managers.


Specialization in administration does not lead to efficient and effective administration.


A well-defined organizational structure limits the scope for bringing new changes into the running of an enterprise.


Test your knowledge of organizing as a function involving the synchronization and combination of resources to achieve results. This quiz covers the process of identifying work, delegating responsibility, establishing relationships, and enabling effective work performance.

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