Organizational Structure in Finance Management

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What is the primary goal of financial management?

Maximize the wealth of the shareholders

Which of the following best describes the role of a Finance Manager?

Strategic financial planning

In a typical organization, the Finance Department usually reports to:

Chief Financial Officer

What is a key responsibility of the Finance Manager?

Risk assessment and mitigation

Which of the following is NOT a major type of decision made by a Finance Manager?

Human resource decisions

What does ROA stand for in finance?

Return on Assets

How does financial management differ from financial accounting?

Financial management involves decision-making, while financial accounting involves record-keeping.

Which department is likely to closely collaborate with the Finance Department to manage cash flow effectively?

Supply Chain Department

What is the significance of financial management for a business?

To maximize shareholder wealth

What makes a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) a key player in an organization?

Strategic financial planning and decision-making

Explore the various organizational structures in finance management, from small businesses where the head assumes multiple roles to medium-size businesses with specialized Finance Managers. Learn about the distribution of responsibilities in different types of business firms.

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