Organizational Strategy and the Strategic Planning Cycle Quiz

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Which of the following is NOT a factor that influences the development of organizational strategy?

Employee preferences

What is the purpose of linking portfolio management to organizational strategy?

To establish a balanced operational plan

What does the strategic planning cycle involve?

Translating vision and mission into a strategic plan

What are the organizational initiatives influenced by?

All of the above

How are programs formally authorized in an organization?

By means of initiative selection and authorization process

What does OPM do to align the organization with strategy?

Maximizes the delivery of strategy

What is the purpose of aligning the strategic goals of the organization with operations?

To ensure optimum assignment of talent, knowledge, and capital resources

What does OPM deploy for the creation and delivery of strategic business results?

Portfolio of programs and projects

Test your knowledge on organizational strategy and the strategic planning cycle with this quiz. Learn about how organizations develop strategies to achieve their vision and how market dynamics and customer preferences influence their decision-making.

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