Organic Chemistry: Isomerism Concepts

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Which type of isomerism refers to compounds with the same chemical formula but different functional groups attached to them?

Functional Isomerism

In which type of isomerism do the positions of the functional groups or substituent atoms differ?

Position Isomerism

What type of isomerism deals with the structure of compounds in three dimensions?

Optical isomerism

Which type of isomerism is represented by alkene and known as cis-trans isomerism?

Geometrical isomerism

What refers to compounds with the same molecular and structural formula but differ in properties due to different arrangement of atoms in space?

Optical isomerism

What term is used for chiral carbon atoms, also known as 'stereogenic carbons' or 'asymmetrical carbon atoms'?

'stereogenic carbons'

Test your knowledge of isomerism in organic chemistry with this quiz based on the concepts explained by Dr. Gehad Ebrahim. Explore different types of isomerism such as chain isomerism, position isomerism, and functional isomerism.

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