Oral Surgery Instruments and Dental Terminology Quiz

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Which instrument is used in extraction of impacted third molars or luxation of any tooth prior to extraction?

Straight Elevator

What is the purpose of a mucoperiosteal flap in a surgical procedure?

To provide access to underlying bone and teeth

What is the function of a periosteal elevator?

To reflect the mucoperiosteal flap

When is a crossbar handle used during a dental procedure?

For removal of a root of a molar after the other root has been removed with the straight elevator

What does an ankylosed tooth refer to?

A tooth not fully erupted into occlusion

What is the primary function of a tongue retractor in dental surgery?

To allow the tongue to comfortably rest behind the tongue guard

Test your knowledge of oral surgery instruments and dental terminology with this quiz. Identify different types of forceps and elevators used in tooth extraction procedures.

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