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What is the basic structure of a magnetic disk?

One or more platters with magnetic coating, divided into tracks and sectors

What is the purpose of a cylinder in the context of a magnetic disk?

It is the collection of all tracks that are the same distance from the edge of the platter

What are sectors in the context of a magnetic disk?

Segments within a track that traditionally contain 512 bytes of data each

What is the function of read-write heads in a hard drive?

To read and write data on the disk's surface

What does a hard drive use to write, rewrite, and access data?

Magnetization process

Study Notes

Magnetic Disk Structure

  • A magnetic disk consists of platters, read-write heads, and a spindle motor
  • The platters are rigid disks coated with magnetic material, spinning around the spindle motor
  • Read-write heads float above the platters to read and write data

Cylinders in a Magnetic Disk

  • A cylinder is a vertical column of tracks on multiple platters
  • Each cylinder represents a single movement of the read-write heads

Sectors in a Magnetic Disk

  • A sector is the smallest unit of data storage on a magnetic disk
  • Each sector typically holds 512 bytes of data
  • Sectors are divided into tracks, and multiple tracks form a cylinder

Read-Write Heads in a Hard Drive

  • Read-write heads are used to read data from and write data to the magnetic disk
  • They float above the platters, reading and writing data as the platters spin

Data Writing and Access in a Hard Drive

  • A hard drive uses magnetic fields to write and rewrite data on the magnetic disk
  • The read-write heads use electromagnetic pulses to magnetize tiny areas on the disk
  • The hard drive accesses data by moving the read-write heads to the correct track and sector

Test your knowledge on mass storage, disk partitioning, disk scheduling, file and directory concepts, and data center disk technologies in operating systems.

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