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What is the function of a system bus?

Carrying several bits at a time

How does communication between components occur?

Through the system bus using electronic pulses

What determines the number of bits passing through the bus?

The size of the bus or word size

What does a 64-bit computer indicate?

The processor manipulates 64-bit numbers

What is the purpose of a peripheral device interface?

Translating internal codes to external binary code

Study Notes

System Bus Functionality

  • The system bus is a communication pathway that allows components to exchange data and instructions.

Communication between Components

  • Communication between components occurs through a process of sending and receiving signals over the system bus.
  • The system bus consists of three types of buses: address bus, data bus, and control bus.

Determining Bus Width

  • The number of bits passing through the bus is determined by the width of the data bus, typically measured in bits (e.g., 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, or 64-bit).

Computer Architecture

  • A 64-bit computer indicates that the computer's processor can process data 64 bits (8 bytes) at a time, resulting in improved performance and capacity.

Peripheral Device Interface

  • The peripheral device interface (PDI) is a component that connects peripheral devices (e.g., keyboard, mouse, printer) to the system bus, enabling communication between the devices and the computer's processor.

Test your knowledge of operating system structure and components with this quiz. Explore the physical connections and buses used to link different system components, and understand how peripheral devices interact with the system.

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