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What does the variable 'half_width' represent in the given code?

The width of the image divided by 2

Why is 'cv2.imshow()' used in the provided code?

To display images

What happens if 'cv2.waitKey(0)' is removed from the code?

The images will not be displayed

How are the four quadrants created in the given function?

By slicing the original image based on dimensions

What does 'cv2.destroyAllWindows()' do in the provided code?

Closes all open windows

Study Notes

Image Processing with OpenCV

  • The split_image function is used to divide an image into four quadrants.
  • The function takes an image_path as an input, which is the path to the image file.

Image Loading and Dimensions

  • The cv2.imread function is used to read the image from the specified path.
  • The image.shape attribute returns a tuple containing the dimensions of the image (height, width, channels).

Calculating Quadrant Dimensions

  • The half_width and half_height variables are calculated by dividing the image dimensions by 2.
  • These variables are used to split the image into quadrants.

Splitting the Image

  • The image is divided into four quadrants: top_left, top_right, bottom_left, and bottom_right.
  • Each quadrant is a subset of the original image, defined by its coordinates (height, width).

Displaying the Quadrants

  • The cv2.imshow function is used to display each quadrant in a separate window.
  • The cv2.waitKey function is used to wait for a keyboard event, and cv2.destroyAllWindows is used to close all OpenCV windows.

Example Usage

  • The image_path variable is set to "example_image.jpg", which should be replaced with the actual image file path.
  • The split_image function is called with the image_path as an argument to split and display the image.

Test your knowledge on splitting images into quadrants using OpenCV. Learn how to use Python and the cv2 library to divide images efficiently for processing or analysis.

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