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Which type of tumor has good prognosis, no recurrence, and no metastasis?


What is a characteristic of malignant tumors?

Poorly differentiated

What is the primary focus of cancer prevention activities?

Risk reduction

What is essential for limiting disability in cancer patients according to the text?

Palliative care

Which type of tumor is typically curable and manageable?


What is the term used to describe cells that are very abnormal and poorly differentiated?


In which stage of cancer is there extensive local and regional spread?

Stage IV

What is the purpose of prophylactic surgery?

To prevent cancer development

Which type of surgery is performed in clients with a known family history predisposing to cancer?

Prophylactic surgery

What does the term 'control' refer to in cancer treatment?

Prolonged survival and containment of cancer cell growth

When is adjuvant treatment typically given?

After management (e.g., surgery)

What is the main mechanism by which cells go through growth and development?

Cell Division

Which characteristic distinguishes cancer cells from normal cells in terms of rapid growth?

Rapid cell division

What happens when cancer cells lack inhibition, allowing them to spread to other tissues?


Which theory on cancer causation suggests that it begins when a normal cell is transformed by genetic mutation?

Virus and Bacteria

What is the primary factor that allows cancer cells to take advantage of oxygen supply and blood for growth?


What distinguishes cancer as a disease process from other illnesses?

Uncontrolled cell growth

What is the maximum duration visitors should stay with an exposed patient?

20 minutes

Which of the following visitors are NOT allowed to enter a radiation-exposed area?

Pregnant women

What is the total duration a nurse should spend per shift for radiation-exposed patients?

40 minutes

What is the purpose of skin markings used in treatment?

To guide radiation therapy

Why should the patient avoid wearing constrictive clothing at the site of radiation?

To avoid discomfort post-therapy

What precaution should be taken regarding extreme temperatures on the skin after radiation therapy?

Completely avoid extreme temperatures

What is the purpose of initiating Continuous Bladder Irrigation (CBI) after a transurethral resection procedure?

To prevent clot formation in the urinary system

What is a potential sign of transurethral resection syndrome that the nurse should monitor for postoperatively?

Muscle twitching

Why might antispasmodics be prescribed after a transurethral resection procedure?

To reduce bladder spasms

What is a potential complication following a radical prostatectomy procedure?

Urinary incontinence

What is the purpose of monitoring and reporting dribbling or incontinence postoperatively to the healthcare provider?

To ensure early intervention in case of complications

What is the main role of a scope inserted into the urethra during a transurethral resection procedure?

To excise prostatic tissue

Test your knowledge on cancer cell characteristics such as mutant activity, apoptosis, lack of inhibition, and rapid cell division. Learn about the mechanisms of carcinogenesis and the differences between cancer cells and normal cells.

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