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Juvenile - Authorization To Detain

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What should officers do if a warrant was issued by the County Court?

Attach a copy of the warrant to the DCYC booking sheet and place a copy in the tray marked 'City Prosecutor'

What is the procedure if officers are instructed to transport a juvenile with a warrant to school?

Contact DCYC to conduct a paper booking over the phone

What action should officers take if a juvenile is not positively identified?

Subject the juvenile to an ID check before admission into DCYC

How should officers verify a juvenile's identification if needed?

Use any of the Mobile ID stations at each OPD precinct assembly or bring the juvenile to the OPD Front Desk

What are the responsibilities of the OPD Courier?

Transport all reports from DCYC to the Douglas County Attorney's Office and City Prosecutor's Office each court day

What is the correct procedure if a juvenile has a 'missing juvenile' entry?

Complete a Missing Persons Cancellation form and forward it to the Child Victim/Sexual Assault Squad

What does the Omaha Police Department (OPD) request for all felony and serious or violent juvenile offenders between the ages of eleven (11) and seventeen (17)?

Request for detention by the Criminal or Juvenile Justice System

When is the OPD Juveniles Commercial Sex Activity and Trafficking policy followed?

When juveniles are suspected of commercial sex activity and/or trafficking offenses

In case detention or placement is needed, what procedure must officers follow?

Request detention/placement through the State Probation (Intake) Officer

What is NOT included in the process of Juvenile Booking?

Process of placement or detention

How is Non-Secure Detention characterized?

Detention without restrictive hardware, construction, and procedure

When should officers adhere to the OPD Abuse/Neglect/Injury Child policy?

When juveniles are believed to be seriously endangered in their surroundings

What does Non-Secure Detention services include?

Home detention, electronic monitoring, and group homes

Under what circumstances must OPD officers request detention of all juveniles?

All juveniles who may be a danger to themselves or other persons

What is the main purpose of Staff Secure Juvenile Facilities?

To provide treatment through intensive staff supervision

When should OPD officers notify the State Probation Officer for a detention interview according to the procedure?

For juveniles requiring blood, breath, or urine tests

How do OPD officers determine the need for detention according to the text?

Based on the seriousness of the offense committed

What determines whether a juvenile should be detained or placed in a secure or non-secure setting?

The severity of the juvenile's offense

What is the role of the State Probation (Intake) Officer in the detention process according to the text?

To determine the need for detention or release of the juvenile

What is a feature of Secure Detention facilities as described in the text?

They are highly structured and hardware-secured

What types of supervision options are mentioned in relation to Non-Secure Detention services?

Day reporting and drug court programs

What distinguishes Staff Secure Juvenile Facilities from other types of detention facilities?

They do not physically restrict movements using construction

What is the responsibility of the Douglas County Youth Center regarding fingerprinting juveniles during the booking process?

Only fingerprint juveniles accused of status offenses.

When are officers allowed to implement the State Probation (Intake) Officers placement decision for a juvenile?

After the parent or guardian has been informed.

What action must officers take if they are unable to contact a guardian or legal representative of a juvenile taken into temporary custody?

Leave a note at the residence of the parent or guardian.

Under what circumstances can juveniles aged fourteen to seventeen be booked as adults?

After consult and approval from the County Attorneys Office.

What will officers do if a juvenile faces both adult and juvenile charges?

Book adult and juvenile charges separately.

Where should juveniles be booked according to policy?

Douglas County Youth Center (DCYC).

What is the minimum age requirement for juveniles to be booked as adults?

Fourteen (14) years old.

What should officers do if they cannot complete reports in PortalOne at DCYC?

Complete reports manually if the system fails.

What must officers maintain at DCYC to ensure proper reporting?

Adequate supply of blank forms and reports.

What form should officers complete to request detention in the Booking Arrest Report?

OPD Form 277

How many copies of all completed reports should officers make before placing juveniles into the DCYC facility or staff-secure placement?


What is the procedure for booking a juvenile who committed misdemeanor traffic offenses and is sixteen years of age or older?

Issuing a Citation in addition to booking on adult and/or juvenile charges

How should officers distribute reports when booking juveniles on adult and/or juvenile charges?

Attach one copy to the DCYC booking sheet and leave one with the DCYC booking technician

What does the officer receive three copies of when a juvenile is booked by DCYC?

Record of Arrest ('booking sheet')

What color ink are non-electronic original reports stamped with before being submitted?


When should officers submit the original reports?

At the end of their shift

Learn about the Omaha Police Department's policy on requesting detention of felony, serious, or violent juvenile offenders between ages 11 and 17, as well as certain missing juveniles. Understand the procedures followed in juvenile booking and detention requests.

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