Olympic Movement and History

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What is the structure of the Olympic movement composed of?


When were shot put, women's 100m hurdles, and discus throw introduced to the Olympic Games?

1908, 1974, 1978

What was the objective of the Ancient Olympics?

To form citizens, educate youth, contribute to beauty, and develop character and personality

What was Episkyros?

A form of hockey

What was the Keretizonte?

A form of football

What were the 'Heraldos' in ancient Greece?

Messenegers of peace

What does the term 'ESpondoForos' refer to?

Athletes in ancient Greece

When was the COA founded?

December 31, 1932

Study Notes

Olympic Movement Structure

  • The Olympic movement is composed of COI-FDI-COA-AON/CON-COI-FDA-AOU/COI-FDI CON-AOI.

Olympic Sports

  • 100m, Shot Put, and Javelin have been Olympic sports since 1896, 1896, and 1900, respectively.
  • Bala femenina, 4x100m relay, and discus throw have been Olympic sports since 1948, 1974, and 1908, respectively.

Ancient Olympic History

  • The objective of the ancient Olympic Games was to form citizens, educate youth, contribute to beauty, develop character and personality.
  • Episkyros was a type of ancient football.
  • Keretizonte was a type of ancient volleyball or rugby.
  • ESPONDOFOROS referred to ancient Greek athletes.
  • Heracles were the messengers of peace.

Modern Olympic History

  • The modern Olympic Games were founded in 1896.
  • COA was founded on December 31, 1923.
  • In modern times, physical activity was strictly defined as amateur.
  • Hockey, football, and handball were created in 1852, 1848, and 1890, respectively.
  • Rugby, swimming, and volleyball arrived in Argentina in 1863, 1891, and 1915, respectively.

Olympic Solidarity

  • Solidarity collaborates with those CONS that request it.

Olympic Games

  • The Olympic Games are a competition between athletes from different countries.
  • The Olympic program refers to the selection of sports and events.

Other Sports

  • Baggaataway was practiced by the native Americans.
  • Rugby, women's football, and women's hockey have been Olympic sports since 1908, 1992, and 1984, respectively.

Olympic Properties

  • All revenue generated from the Olympic Games belongs to the COI, CON, or Olympic Solidarity.

Winter Olympic Games

  • The Winter Olympic Games began in 1924.

Olympic Plan

  • The Olympic plan refers to the sports and events included in an Olympic cycle.

Other Facts

  • The high jump was an activity practiced in ancient Olympic Games.
  • The Olympic program is the selection of sports and events for the Olympic Games.

Test your knowledge about the structure and history of the Olympic Movement, including its objectives, founding dates, and Olympic events.

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