Old English Language Definition

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What defines Old English geographically?

As a language spoken in the British Isles by Germanic settlers

When is Old English historically considered to have been spoken until?

Until the Norman Conquest in 1066

What is Old English genetically classified as?

A Lowlands branch of the West Germanic group of languages

Which group of people were the earliest inhabitants of the British Isles with linguistic remnants?

Celtic speakers

Which language became the prestige language of administration, education, and social life in England?


What was the name of the Germanic tribe that settled in the north of England and became known as Anglians?


Which area was the first real center of English speaking, writing, learning, literature, and culture in England?


Where were the great Bibles and Gospels of early English life produced?


Which dialect was known to have both natural and manmade borders in England?

Northumbrian dialect

Who was perhaps the first known poet in the English language?


Learn about the various definitions of Old English, including its geographical, historical, and genetic aspects from the Germanic settlement to the Norman Conquest in 1066. Explore how it fits within the West Germanic group of languages.

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