Ocean Acidification and Coral Bleaching Quiz

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Which factor contributes significantly to the acidification of oceans as mentioned in the text?

Increased carbon dioxide emissions from human activities

What is the main topic of the provided text?

Global climate change effects on marine life

What is a potential consequence of coral bleaching?

Loss of habitat for marine species

The intermixing of particles of two different types of matter on their own is called:


When 20 g of salt is dissolved in 1000ml of water, there is no increase in volume. This observation indicates that:

particles of water have spaces between them into which salt particles fit.

Which of the following can be categorized as colloid/s:

iii) blood

The ions present in Al2O3 are:

Al3+ ; O2-

Hydrogen and Oxygen present in the molecule of water in ratio by mass is:


Test your knowledge on ocean acidification, its contributing factors, and the potential consequences of coral bleaching with this informative quiz. Answer questions related to the main topic of the provided text and understand the significant factors leading to ocean acidification. Additionally, explore the potential consequences of coral bleaching and broaden your understanding of marine ecosystems.

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