Obligations and Contracts in Civil Law

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What standard of care is an obligor obliged to provide to the thing they are obligated to deliver?

The standard of care of a good father or a family

When does the creditor acquire a real right over the thing that is obligated to be delivered?

From the time the obligation to deliver it arises

What happens if the obligor delays in delivering a determinate thing to the creditor?

The creditor can demand delivery at the obligor's expense

In what circumstances does an obligor incur in delay without the need for a demand from the creditor?

When demand from the creditor would be useless

What happens when an obligor does what has been explicitly forbidden in an obligation?

The action will be undone at the obligor's expense

Which party incurs in delay first in reciprocal obligations?

The party who fulfilled their obligation first

What are the different sources from which obligations can arise?

Law, contracts, quasi-contracts, acts or omissions punished by law, and quasi-delicts

Which type of obligations are not presumed according to the text?

Obligations derived from law

How should obligations arising from contracts be complied with?

In good faith

Under what conditions will obligations arising from quasi-contracts be governed?

Under the provisions of Chapter 1, Title XVII of this Book

How are civil obligations arising from criminal offenses governed according to the text?

By the penal laws and pertinent provisions of the Civil Code

What governs obligations derived from quasi-delicts according to the text?

Provisions of Chapter 2, Title XVII and special laws

Test your knowledge on the general provisions of obligations and contracts as outlined in Book IV, Title I of the Civil Code. Explore the different sources from which obligations arise and their legal implications.

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