Nursing Management of Newborn at Risk Part 1

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Which of the following is NOT listed as a predisposing factor for a newborn at risk?

Full-term birth

What defines a newborn at risk?

A newborn exposed to circumstances that endanger its life

What is a common problem of premature neonates?

Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)

What is a common problem for post-term newborns?

Physiological jaundice

Which condition requires nursing management under phototherapy for the neonate?

Physiological jaundice

Which factor during labor can lead to complications for the neonate?

Prolonged rupture of membranes

What is the recommended method of nutrition for premature newborns with feeding problems during the acute stage of the disease?

Gavage feeding

Why is ventilation support recommended to correct respiratory acidosis in premature newborns?

To assist in breathing

Why should oxygen be warmed and humidified before entering the respiratory tract of premature newborns?

To improve gas exchange

What is the reason for delaying suction for an hour after surfactant administration in premature newborns?

To avoid aspiration

In premature newborns, what is the primary goal of maintaining a neutral thermal environment?

To conserve oxygen utilization

When should broad-spectrum antibiotics be administered to premature newborns?

If blood cultures are positive

What is the purpose of phototherapy in managing hyperbilirubinemia in newborns?

To convert unconjugated bilirubin to a water-soluble form

What is the recommended frequency for assessing a newborn's body temperature under phototherapy?

Every 6 hours

Why should newborns under phototherapy be positioned differently every 2 hours?

To reduce the risk of burns and skin excoriation

What is the importance of assessing the intensity of the light source during phototherapy?

To prevent burns and excoriation

Why is it necessary to measure a newborn's bilirubin level every 4 to 12 hours during phototherapy?

To monitor response to treatment

What is a key aspect of nursing management for a newborn under phototherapy to prevent skin irritation?

Frequent skin cleaning

Learn about common problems of premature neonates, therapeutic management of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), differentiation between physiological and pathological jaundice, and nursing management for neonates under phototherapy. This lecture covers the definition of a newborn at risk and the circumstances that can endanger their life.

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